Frequently Asked Questions: Understanding PCACAC Membership, Renewal, and Membership Forms

I started to complete the form and had to step away.  Now it won't give me access.  What should I do?
Sometimes your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) remembers your last entry and won't let you access our online form again.  Try clearing the cache on your browser or opening an incognito page.  If you still can't get in, call us at 434-989-7557 or email

What if I forgot my USERNAME or PASSWORD?  
You can request your username and/or password from the login screen at

How can I change my password? 
To change your password: Login, click on Member Center > My Profile, and edit.

How much is membership?
Annual membership is $45 per individual.  We do not currently offer institutional memberships (with flat fee that covers everyone in your office).

How can I pay?
You may pay by credit card (preferred) or by check. When joining or renewing using the credit or Send Check option, an invoice/receipt is automatically generated and sent to your email.

When is the Membership Year?
The official membership year begins October 1 and ends September 30. Forms are available year-round.  We do not prorate membership. 

How do I know when my membership expires?
To determine when your membership expires, login, click on Member Center > My Profile, scroll down to view your membership expiration date.

What is my Membership Type?
PCACAC Bylaws categorize your membership type based on your institutional affiliation, the duties you perform and where you perform those duties (unless you are retired). One may be either a voting or a non-voting member. See Membership Types document on the PCACAC website for more details.

What is my Membership Group?  
Membership Groups are assigned by our website host, MemberClicks, as a method of organizing the members in the membership database. The group concept is based on a parent/child model where the “parent” is assigned as Primary/Individual; the child from the same institution is assigned as Additional/Secondary. Basic contacts are not members but have previously registered for a PCACAC event (e.g. drive-in workshop, conference) and the database has captured their names.

Why do we need Membership Groups - Parents and children (Primary/Additional)? How does it help?
According to PCACAC Bylaws, each institution may designate a principal or primary representative (the parent) and the additional/secondary members (the children).  This Parent/Child system is helpful in the membership renewal process as it is possible to generate only one invoice for for an office when renewing memberships. In the event registration process (e.g. conference, drive-in workshop, summer Institute), the primary representative (parent) may register the additional/secondary members (children) using one form that yields one invoice.

Can I change my group?
No, an individual is assigned to a group and only PCACAC’s database administrator (executive assistant) can change the group assignment.  If you think you have been assigned incorrectly to a group, contact PCACAC at

How do I find out what group I am in?
If you are a member, login to the website, click on Member Center > MY PROFILE, and your group will display.

If I change institutions, is my PCACAC membership transferable?
Your membership is attached to your particular institution.  If you leave an institution, a new hire may not assume your membership.

Can I save money by joining in the middle of the year?
PCACAC membership fee is not pro-rated. It is an annual fee.

Can I change information in my membership profile?  
With the exception of first and last names, you may change other information in your membership profile.  To change profile information: Login, click on Member Center > My Profile, and edit. To change first/last name, contact

I am trying to join as a new member and the computer indicates that I already have an account. What does this mean?
It usually means that you have either an expired membership or that you have registered for some PCACAC program or event. The computer will send your password to your email address.

Can another person complete my membership form?
If you are currently a member, another person can complete your membership form but only with your email address and your password.

I have a question and want to talk to a human being, who do I contact?
Contact or call 434-989-7557 or contact PCACAC Membership Chair, Carl Ahlgren,


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