A Message From Our President







Dear PCACAC Members:

As we navigate through the challenges of our educational landscape, it is crucial that we remain proactive in our efforts to support our students, particularly as they embark on their journey towards higher education.

On March 26, an article written by Angel Perez, NACAC CEO, struck a chord with many of us. In this piece, Angel highlights the reality that, as of today, we are over 30% behind last year in FAFSA filings. He goes on to call for an urgent need for action to motivate more high school seniors to complete their FAFSA and ultimately matriculate into college. The article stresses the importance of understanding that school counselors and advisers cannot shoulder this responsibility alone. Rather, it calls for a unified effort, a national movement, to address this issue head-on.

As PCACAC’s President, I echo Angel’s sentiments and call upon our membership and every one to join me in this mission. We cannot afford to sit idly by while countless students miss out on the opportunity for access to higher education simply because they were not able to navigate the complexities of the financial aid process. I encourage you to start by sharing resources like the state-by-state workshops, events, and tools to assist students with their FAFSA and NACAC’s Enrollment Deadlines Directory, which is regularly updated.

As a first-generation student and a child of migrants, I know firsthand the transformative power of programs like FAFSA and grants like the Pell Grants. They opened doors for me, shaping my future profoundly. Now, it's our collective responsibility to ensure every student has access to these opportunities.

Let's rally our region's community and find ways to further support both our membership and the students we serve. Whether it's sharing resources, hosting workshops, or engaging with local families, together, we can bridge the gap in FAFSA filings and provide deserving students with opportunities. 

Looking ahead, PCACAC has several spring events lined up where we can continue these crucial conversations, engage with students, and advocate for their needs:

  • PCACAC’s inaugural Regional College Fair on April 11 at Howard High School in Maryland
  • Pre-Conference Outreach program for students at the Boys and Girls Club in Norfolk, VA on April 13 
  • Coming Together Pre-Conference,  on April 14 at Old Dominion University
  • 59th Annual Spring Conference in Norfolk, VA from April 14 - 16
  • NACAC National Advocacy Day in Washington, D.C. from April 29 - April 30

During my first speech as PCACAC’s president, I shared a special message passed down by my father: "Un Pueblo Unido Jamás Será Vencido" - a united community shall never be defeated. Our community holds tremendous power to effect positive change for countless individuals.

Para Adelante y Si Se Puede PCACAC!

Warm regards,

Rosemary Martin Edwards
President, Potomac and Chesapeake Association for College Admission Counseling