Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Co-Chair:  Alison Weston, New River Community College (VA)
Co-Chair:  Emily Ewoldt, Radford University (VA)
Co-Chair:  James Pennix, Roanoke College (VA)


A SIG is a Special Interest Group that brings colleagues together to explore a topic or population in higher education / K-12 through discussion, networking and resource sharing. PCACAC has served as a leading affiliate in many ways, including launching our very own SIGs in 2018. Since then, we have grown from three to ten SIGs:

If you have an idea for a new SIG or would you like to get connected to the leaders and members of our current SIGs, please contact the chair.

We are looking forward to seeing the number of SIGs grow
. YOU may be just the leader that we need for our newest SIG!

PCACAC Celebrated PRIDE Month 2022!

Our LGBTQ+Ally SIG facilitated a series of virtual sessions in June 2022. These programs were offered for admissions counselors and school counselors.

Session 1: LGBTQIA+ Student Panel, followed by Q&A
Session 2: CRMs and LGBTQIA+
Session 3: Transgender Healthcare
Session 4: LGBT Trivia Contest



PCACAC'S PRIDE month series included this PRIDE playlist, featuring LGBTQIA+ anthems from the last 50 years. Celebrate the rainbow through song!





SIG Spotlight Week in 2020 was a success!  A total of 134 meeting attendees were documented over the ten SIG meetings held.  Five out of ten Special Interest Groups who met were new to PCACAC.  This illustrates the amount of diligent work that was done to produce the level of engagement seen throughout the week.  For many attendees this was a first exposure to PCACAC and we are excited at the prospect of new members.  

Our SIG leads did an AMAZING job providing a mix of content in a collaborative virtual space resulting in meaningful conversation and connections.

 A huge THANK YOU to all who had a hand in making our first SIG Week in 2020 possible!