Finance Committee

Chair: Joel Lang, Director of College Advisement and Guidance, Padua Academy (DE)

Vice-Chair:  Libby WeithSt. Stephens & St. Agnes School (VA)

Committee Members:

  • MIke Carter,  St. Stephens & St. Agnes School (VA)
  • Beth Clarke, Virginia Wesleyan College (VA)
  • Mary Layman, The Covenant School (VA)

The Finance Committee is a standing committee chaired by the Treasurer who can call meetings as needed.  The Committee is comprised of the Treasurer, immediate past Treasurer, Fund Development Committee Chair, Conference Sponsorship Chair, a former PCACAC president and others suggested by the Treasurer and approved by the President.  Members of this Committee should have a strong financial background and/or a deep understanding of the organization and its finances. The Finance Committee assists the Treasurer in developing the budget and reviewing financial matters.

Fiscal Policy - Feb 2018