Please contact Mary Hunter Hardison for information about this program.

Ann Powell Mentor Program Committee

About Ann Powell

The program honors the memory of Ann Powell, Director of College Counseling at Nansemond-Suffolk Academy and a leader within PCACAC as High School Delegate, Secretary, and President-elect before having to resign due to the illness that ultimately took her life in 2005. Ann was a model of professional excellence and an inspiration to all who knew her; and shortly before her death, she was presented with the Richard L. Apperson Award, PCACAC’s most prestigious recognition, given annually to one member who best represents the ideals of the organization. It was Ann’s expressed wish for PCACAC to establish a program to help mentor those new to the college counseling profession, whether as a high school counselor or as a college admission officer.

The Mentor Program 

PCACAC is pleased to announce the return of the Ann Powell Mentor Program. 

The Ann Powell Mentor Program is open to college counseling/admissions professionals from within the PCACAC region who seek to connect and share insight/experience in our mutual professions. PCACAC hopes that this program will serve as an outreach for the organization, with particular attention toward counselors from schools lacking resources for professional growth and development. The Ann Powell Mentor Program is designed to enable participants to:

  • build professional relationships and develop a support network;
  • cultivate and develop future leaders within PCACAC as a regional organization; 
  • help students and families effectively navigate the college search and application experience;
  • come to a deeper understanding of the ever-changing college admission landscape while committing to the values within the NACAC Guide to Ethical Practice in College Admissions;
  • encourage professional development opportunities including but not limited to engaging virtually with professionals, attending local, regional and national conferences. 

Expectations of Mentors

  • PCACAC members with more than five years experience in the profession
  • Those who are willing to share insight and reflection to enhance their daily responsibilities.
  • Mentors are expected to guide their mentee to reflect on and strengthen goal areas.
  • Support their mentee to build professional confidence and address any particular concerns.
  • Open the door to professional networks to enable their mentee to grow within their own network.

Expectations of Mentees

  • PCACAC members with less than five years experience in their current role.
  • Those who are open to seeking insight and reflection to enhance their daily responsibilities.
  • Mentees are expected to meet regularly with their mentor in order to maximize their abilities in the profession.
  • By participating in this program, it is expected that the mentees will widen their professional networks and opportunities.