A message from our new Historian, Sue Rexford

When Jake contacted me this summer about the newly created Historian position within PCACAC, I was excited about the prospects and immediately my brain started running in many different directions as to how best develop this role to be most advantageous for our association. It was reaffirming that one of the anchors of the new strategic plan is Legacy, for that signaled to me that the current leaders see the value of our past while continuing to look and move forward.

Since even before my years in the presidential cycle, I have been intrigued to know more about who and what helped shape PCACAC; perhaps that is directly related to my time as a history teacher early in my career in education. After my tenure in the presidential cycle, I was privileged to serve for several years as the Chair of the Past Presidents’ Committee. That position, along with the role I played in helping showcase our past during our 50th Anniversary Conference, gave me an even greater appreciation of how PCACAC’s past can shape and inform its present and future.

The position of Historian is still in its infancy as to how it will ultimately be shaped. One thing I do already know is that I want the evolution of this role to be a shared one. There is a greater flow of ideas and processes when multiple opinions are heard and represented.  To that end, I will be working closely with Mike Carter, the current Chair of the Past Presidents’ Committee, as the role is better defined. Still, I need the help of others to make this a success. If you are interested in how we can best intertwine the past, present, and future of PCACAC, please let me know. There are many opportunities on this shared journey.

Sue Rexford
PCACAC Historian
Director of College Guidance
Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School (MD)
[email protected]