Marion Flagg Scholarship Program

Chair:  Rachel Cleaver, George Mason University (VA)

About the Program


Named for one of PCACAC's most outstanding members, the Marion Flagg Scholarship is awarded annually to a group of exceptional educational professionals who are not currently members of PCACAC and who have not previously attended a PCACAC conferenceThis scholarship specifically targets counselors who work with historically underserved students, minority students or students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Each scholarship includes one year of free membership in PCACAC, and conference expenses (registration, single-occupancy hotel lodging for two nights and conference meals.)

The Inclusion, Access and Success Committee oversees the selection of scholarship recipients. Most of these colleagues work with minority populations or students from disadvantaged backgrounds. They may be high school counselors, two- or four-year college admission professionals, independent counselors or individuals working in such programs as KIPP, Upward Bound, the College Success Foundation, AVID, etc. 


2024 Scholarship Recipients

2023 Scholarship Recipients


2022 Scholarship Recipients


2020-2021 Scholarship Recipients


2019-2020 Scholarship Recipients

  • Jaime Alvis, Fairfax County Public Schools (VA)
  • Lisa Coles, George Wythe High School (VA)
  • Thomas Hailu, DC College Access Program (DC)
  • Corenthia Hurley, DC College Access Program (DC)
  • Laquan Magruder, Freire Charter School (DE)
  • Vanessa Morales, Reservoir High School (MD)
  • Inatimi Oguara, DC College Access Program (DC)
  • Tiana Ottley, Cesar Chavez Public Charter School for Public Policy (DC)
  • Charlene Reed, Augusta County Public Schools (VA)
  • Eric Williams, Hayfield Secondary School (VA)

2018-2019 Scholarship Recipients

  • Katie Graul, Alumni Services Director, Urban Alliance (MD)
  • Ayanna Jones, College Access Program Specialist, CollegeBound Foundation (MD)
  • Erik Olson, School Counselor, Liberty High School (VA)
  • Meghan Parsons, Director of School Counseling, Albemarle High School (VA)
  • Samantha Ratchford, School Counselor, Hanover High School (VA)
  • Mary Carter Scott, ACCESS Advisor, ACCESS College Foundation (VA)

2017-2018 Scholarship Recipients

  • Melisa Hypolite, CollegeBound Foundation (MD)
  • Arnold McNeal, Mount Vernon High School (VA)
  • Kevin Siliko, Long Reach High School (MD)
  • Patrick Tubbins, Mount Vernon High School (VA)
  • Theresa Wooten, Matoac High School (VA) 

2016-2017 Scholarship Recipients

  • Jaime Conklin, Hermitage High School (VA)
  • Calvin Ruffin, DC College Access Program (DC)
  • Kendra Taylor, High Rocks Education Corporation (WV)
  • Tameka Williams, Caesar Rodney High School (DE)

2015-2016 Scholarship Recipients

  • Molly Garnett, Albemarle High School (VA)
  • Andrew Somerville, E.L. Haynes High School (DC)
  • Linda Wilson, St. Frances Academy (MD)


2014-2015 Scholarship Recipients

  • Tracy Brower, Educational Consultant and Independent Counselor (MD)
  • Chyla Carter, Largo High School (MD)
  • Rahmah Johnson, John Marshall High School (VA)
  • Kimberly McIntosh, Baltimore City Public School System (MD)
  • Aaron Stallworth, E.L. Haynes Public School Charter (DC)

2013-2014 Scholarship Recipients

  • Sabrena Johnson, Howard University: Upward Bound Program (DC)
  • Willie Lee III, New Light Teen Enrichment Program (VA)
  • Allison Mock, Rockbridge County High School (VA)
  • Nicole Yeftwich, KIPP Ujima Academy (MD)
  • Terran Young, Albert Einstein High School (MD) 

List of Marion Flagg Scholarship Recipients