Strategic Plan                                                         

Approved April 21, 2013


The Potomac and Chesapeake Association for College Admission Counseling (PCACAC) will bring together admission and counseling professionals to promote effective college counseling and ethical admission practices, empowering students to make thoughtful educational choices.


The mission of PCACAC is to support and advance college admission professionals as they guide their institutions, students, and families in an ethical manner.


The Potomac and Chesapeake Association for College Admission Counseling (PCACAC) believes in and advocates for equal access for all students to higher education opportunities and pursues that advocacy through ethical practices, professional development for counselors in our region, and promotion of best practices in our profession.


Advocacy for Access and Success 

PCACAC promotes advocacy for access and success in the college process for all students as they transition from secondary school

       Plans and Objectives

  • Work with the representative/contact person in each state to establish contact and linkages with key policy makers.
  • Pursue active involvement with state, regional, and national political leaders to promote access and equity in the college process.
  • Educate membership on best practices for advocacy through PCACAC and NACAC.
  • Maintain communication with members and potential members to keep them informed of admissions trends, new policies, and government initiatives and how to best serve as advocates.

Professional Community

PCACAC is a broad-based membership association of institutions, organizations and individuals committed to ethical professional practices to help all students achieve their postsecondary educational goals.

       Plans and Objectives

  • Insure that ethical practices remain at the forefront of PCACAC and it members and institutions.
  • Work to continually maintain and increase membership by delivering meaningful services and value.
  • Exercise increased leadership at the national level by increasing visibility and promoting the national agenda.
  • Target all underserved populations in the PCACAC region to broaden membership base and be all-inclusive.
  • Promote the development of current and future leaders from all segments of PCACAC’s membership.
  • Survey members to determine which services to maintain and which services members would like to see added.

Knowledge and Expertise

PCACAC members are recognized as trusted sources of knowledge, education, and training in the Potomac and Chesapeake region for the transition into postsecondary education

       Plans and Objectives

  • Offer an array of contemporary programs to members and prospective members in our region (Spring Conference, Summer Institute, Marian Flagg Scholarship Program, Ann Powell Mentoring Program, Drive-in Workshops).
  • Promote the image of PCACAC as an association of ethical, professional experts (e.g., website, newsletter, individual members) within the PCACAC region.
  • Promote the PCACAC mission by the development of a marketing plan that showcases the resources and expertise of PCACAC and its members.
  • Collaborate with and build partnerships with like-minded associations within PCACAC region and beyond to promote the PCACAC agenda.

Strengthening our Association

 PCACAC is a dynamic association with a clear strategic plan and a commitment to fiscal responsibility

       Plans and Objectives

  • Develop a meaningful, inclusive and effective governance structure to serve the entire PCACAC membership
  • Maintain a flexible governance structure including the use of ad hoc groups to accomplish specific tasks
  • Offer meaningful services to our members and prospective members (e.g., promotion of college fairs in the region, online membership directory, job board)
  • Practice sound fiscal policy to insure a financially sound association for the present and the future
  • Explore possible new revenue options to maintain strong fiscal health of the association