Lunch & Learn

Lunch & Learn Virtual Workshops are designed with the busy college counseling/admission professional in mind. 

Helping Seniors Evaluate their College Options
February 9, 2024, 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Presented by
Deneen Brown, Director of College Guidance, Salesianum School (Wilmington, DE) and
Joel Lang, Director of College Advisement & School Counseling, Padua Academy (Wilmington, DE)

It's getting to that time of year where students begin to hear back from colleges. As their College Counselor, our job is to help them discern which option may suit them best and how to decipher between financial aid offers, programs of study, and campus communities. Join us as we walk through how to best serve our students at this critical time in their senior year.

Using Data to Help Students Discover the Right Program
March 1, 2024, 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Presented by Loper
Eric Menna - Co-Founder
Claire Ettinger - Collegiate Directions, Inc. (MD)

 Join us for a discussion on the importance of collecting and understanding data during a student's college search process that allows counselors to act on trends in their caseloads.


The Adolescent Brain Goes to College
September 27, 2023 
Presented by Charlain Bailey
For College Admissions Representatives 

Research has shown that the "Adolescent Brain" is a work in progress, different from a fully developed "Adult Brain." What does this mean for high school students applying to college when most of the tasks associated with the application process require skills related to having Adult Brain Maturation? How does this impact a student’s ability to navigate the application process, their interactions with adults, and where they decide to attend college? This Lunch and Learn workshop will focus on helping College Admissions professionals enhance their recruitment strategies, taking into account the natural brain development of the adolescent applying to their institution, possibly improve interactions with students during school and college fair visits, and know how to leverage relationships with the adults in the student's life who can help them navigate the process more effectively.

Helping Students Create a College List
October 17, 2023

Presented by Wendy Ayala and Jill Semmens from Collegiate Directions

An informative session on effectively crafting a college list in collaboration with your students, this workshop is tailored for counselors seeking valuable insights and strategies in guiding students through the college selection process. We aim to assist counselors in curating a comprehensive list that encompasses financially sustainable options while aligning with the student’s academic and social preferences.

Learning objectives:

  • Develop strategies for supporting students through the college research and list development processes
  • Create a college list that includes financially viable options
  • Share best practices and resources for supporting colleagues, students, and families

Creating a Conference Proposal: How to Pitch a Session 
October 19, 2023 
Presented by Amy Moffatt (Towson University) and Julia Hixson (Woodberry Forest School) 
who both serve on the Annual Conference Committee

Do you want to present at the spring conference but are not sure where to start? Learn tips and tricks about how to brainstorm session topics, how to create a proposal, how to invite colleagues to co-present, and much more!

Would you like to share best practices in the field of College Admissions Counseling in an informal setting over lunch? Sign up to lead one of our monthly Professional Development Lunch & Learn Virtual Workshops. This is a great opportunity for you to share what you know, or to tap someone you know who is looking for a chance to share their own expertise in a way that's less formal than a conference, and is free!

  • You and your colleague(s) volunteer to lead a workshop, either on one of the suggested topics (included in the spreadsheet) or one that you develop. 
  • Pick a date and time, choose a pal to co-lead (if applicable), and enter your information in the spreadsheet.
  • Enter the topic and intended audience, plus host school/organization
  • Create a Zoom, Google Meet, or other video platform link, and likewise enter that link information in the spreadsheet.   
  • These workshops are designed to be peer-to-peer networking and sharing. There's no expectation that presenters prepare slides or otherwise formally present unless they prefer to do so.

 If you have questions, please contact Charlain Bailey or Daniel Zawacki